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    1. 為環境質量、污染防治、生態保護、輻射管理等業務





      Integrating the Internet of Things in the environmental domain to achieve environmental management in a more refined and dynamic way provides smarter decisions ?

      Environmental Protection technology

      Wasterwater? treatment?

      Wastewater treatment technology is classified from industry technology, including domestic sewage treatment technology, fermentation wastewater treatment technology, tanning wastewater treatment technology, coal gas wastewater treatment technology, papermaking wastewater treatment, fine chemical wastewater treatment, heavy metal wastewater treatment technology, etc.

      Flue gas desulfurization technology ?In order to prevent excessive sulfur dioxide pollution caused by coal combustion in boilers, coal desulfurization treatment should be carried out.

      There are dozens of flue gas desulphurization technologies. According to whether water is added in desulphurization process and the dry and wet form of desulphurization products, flue gas desulphurization can be divided into wet desulphurization, semi-dry desulphurization and dry desulphurization.?Wet desulfurization technology is more mature, high efficiency, simple operation.?The traditional limestone/lime-gypsum flue gas desulfurization process uses calcium base desulfurizer to absorb sulfur dioxide to produce calcium sulfite and calcium sulfate. Due to its low solubility, it is easy to form scaling and blockage in desulfurization tower and pipeline.?The technology of double alkali flue gas desulfurization is developed to overcome the disadvantage of limestone - lime method which is easy to scale.

      Environmental monitoring

      ? Soild? waste treatment??

      Denitration technology

      In order to prevent the coal combustion in the boiler to produce too much NOx pollution environment, coal denitration treatment should be carried out.?It is divided into denitration before combustion, denitration during combustion and denitration after combustion.

      Main technologies: 1)?"staged combustion +SNCR", which has been piloted in China; 2)Selective non-catalytic reduction (SNCR denitration treatment) has been piloted in China; 3)Selective catalytic reduction (SCR), only three line experiments in Europe; 4)?SNCR/SCR combined denitrification technology, domestic cement denitrification has not successful experience; 5)?Biological denitration technology.

      Sound insulation technology refers to the measures that, when sound waves propagate in the air, all kinds of easily absorbing materials are used to consume the energy of sound waves so that the sound energy can not pass through directly in the way of transmission. This measure is called sound insulation, also known as noise control technology.

      Sound insulation control technology: sound insulation barrier, add muffler and so on.

      ?Solid waste treatment usually refers to the process of transforming solid waste into suitable for transportation, storage, utilization or disposal by physical, chemical, biological, physical and biochemical methods. The goal of solid waste treatment is harmlessness, reduction and resource recovery.

      The main methods of solid treatment include compaction, crushing, separation, curing, incineration, biological treatment and so on.

      Environmental monitoring technology

      This should be a general term, including water monitoring technology, atmospheric monitoring technology, environmental noise and vibration monitoring technology, soil monitoring technology and so on.

      Environmental assessment preparation techniques

      It refers to the analysis, prediction and assessment of the possible environmental impact of planning and construction projects.

      I'M Shenyang Nuolian Environmental Protection Technology Co.,LTD

      Nuolian environmental protection is engaged in environmental protection equipment, dust removal equipment, water treatment, pipeline equipment professional manufacturers. ?

      It is a technological innovation and intelligent control enterprise. ?

      Since its establishment, the company has always adhered to the business principle of talents and integrity, gathered the industry elite, combined the foreign advanced information technology, management methods and enterprise experience with the specific reality of domestic enterprises, to provide enterprises with all-round solutions and help enterprises improve management level.

      Environmental protection technology is a technology category, including wastewater treatment technology, desulfurization technology, denitrification technology, dust removal technology, solid waste treatment technology and other engineering technology;?Also includes environmental assessment preparation technology, cleaner production audit technology, environmental monitoring technology and other post technology.

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